PP Pello Travel Oy's general terms and conditions for holiday home rentals

PP Pello Travel Oy’s general terms and conditions for holiday home rentals

PP Pello Travel Oy complies with these terms and conditions when renting holiday homes. These terms and conditions are binding on both parties once the customer has paid PP Pello Travel Oy the payment specified in the terms and conditions at one time.

1. Booking and payment

The person making the reservation (later the customer) must be of legal age (18 years or older) at the time of booking. The booking can be made online and a booking confirmation will be sent immediately to the customer’s email address. The reservation is binding immediately after the booking is made.

The full amount of the rent must be paid at the time of booking. The payment is made through the Visma Pay system.

2. Cancellation

Cancellations must always be notified in writing to PP Pello Travel Oy’s customer service by email to [email protected]. Failure to pay is not a cancellation.

If the cancellation is made 7 days before the start of the booking, the customer is entitled to a refund of the amount paid, excluding agency and cancellation fees (20% of the total rent). If cancelled up to 7 days before arrival, 50% of all nights will be charged.

If the customer changes the destination or the date of the holiday, it will be considered as a cancellation of the previous booking and a new booking.

3. PP Pello Travel Oy’s right to cancel the reservation

In case of force majeure, PP Pello Travel Oy will inform the customer of the cancellation as soon as possible. In this case, the customer has the right to a refund of the services paid to PP Pello Travel Oy.

Fees are non-refundable if a booking has to be cancelled due to a customer problem.

PP Pello Travel Oy can cancel the customer’s reservation without separate notice if the customer has not complied with the payment terms.

4. Handover of keys and overnight stay at the resort

The keys will be handed over to the customer at the place and time indicated by PP Pello Travel Oy. If the customer wants the key to deviate from the agreed time, this must be agreed separately with the person who provided the key. If the customer fails to arrive at the time indicated or fails to notify the arrival time at all, PP Pello Travel Oy cannot guarantee the delivery of the keys.

The resort is available from 16.00 on the day of arrival until 11.00 on the day of departure. More detailed times can be found in the apartment brochure, which can be found in the apartment.

The rental includes access to the reserved holiday centre for the booked period. Normal energy costs, furniture, cooking utensils, cutlery, crockery, mattresses, blankets, pillows, sheets and towels are included. The customer must use the disks. Toilet and kitchen towels are not included in the rent.

5. Compensation for damages

The customer is responsible for any damage caused at the holiday centre. The Customer is obliged to immediately notify PP Pello Travel Oy of the damage. The customer is liable to compensate the owner of the holiday centre for any damage caused to the property or its furnishings.

6. Number of people and pets

The maximum number of persons allowed in the resort description is the number of beds or the number agreed at the time of booking the resort. Parties and other events where the number of persons is temporarily exceeded must be agreed in advance with PP Pello Travel Oy. The use of tents and caravans or rental equipment (e.g. lots of baths) in the resort area without the permission of PP Pello Travel Ltd is prohibited.

Smoking is prohibited indoors in all holiday homes. No open fires are allowed on the plot, except for a separate fireplace.

Pets must be notified at the time of booking. Pets are only allowed in those areas where they are allowed. Importing more than one pet always requires prior approval from PP Pello Travel Oy. PP Pello Travel Oy does not rent allergy cottages and does not guarantee that pets will not be brought to a holiday destination where pets are not allowed.

7. Emptying

Final cleaning is always included in the booking. Cleaning by the tenant includes washing and putting away dishes, taking waste to the landfill, removing empty drinks bottles and cans, putting away furniture and taking food to the waste disposal point. Sheets and towels should be left in a stack on top of the bed. The courtyard area and barbecue area are left in a tidy condition. See the description of the holiday home for more information on cleaning. The apartment is equipped with basic amenities such as detergents and cleaning supplies.

8. Force majeure

PP Pello Travel Ltd shall not be liable for any damage caused to the customer by an unforeseen force majeure or similar cause (e.g. power outages or natural phenomena such as algae, or animals such as mice and insects), which are beyond PP Pello Travel Ltd’s control and the consequences of which PP Pello Travel Ltd could not reasonably have prevented.

PP Pello Travel Oy is also not liable for any damage or consequences caused by natural phenomena.

9. Service information in the resort description

The description of the property includes references to nearby services (e.g. train station, bus stop, restaurant, shop, etc.). PP Pello Travel Oy is not responsible for information about non-destination universal services or their availability during the holiday.

10. Complaints

All comments and complaints regarding the holiday destination should be addressed directly to PP Pello Travel Oy immediately after the issue is raised and at the time of booking.

If the matter is not rectified, the customer may submit a written complaint to PP Pello Travel Oy. This must be done within one month of the end of the reservation. If the customer and PP Pello Travel Oy cannot reach an agreement, the customer can refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board (www.kuluttajariita.fi). Before doing so, the customer should contact the Consumer Helpdesk (www.kuluttajaneuvonta.fi). The Consumer Disputes Board may, by law, reject a complaint if the consumer has not first contacted the consumer advice centre.

If the customer does not immediately notify PP Pello Travel Oy of any deficiencies during the rental period, the holiday destination is deemed to be in accordance with the contract. Defects reported after the rental period cannot be added up and PP Pello Travel Oy is not responsible for them.

If you cancel your reservation and leave the holiday destination before the end of the rental period, you will not be reimbursed for the unused time and will not be entitled to a refund.

11. PP Pello Travel Oy’s right to change prices

After the conclusion of the contract, PP Pello Travel Ltd has the right to increase and the obligation to decrease the agreed price if taxes or public charges affecting the price of the holiday home service change.

12. Incorrect price information

PP Pello Travel Ltd is not bound by incorrect price information if the price is so clearly incorrect that the customer must understand it. This is the case, for example, if there is a significant difference between the advertised price and the actual price or if the false price can be considered abnormally low compared to the general price level.

13. Payments

Visma Pay (Visma Payments Oy, business-id FI24865594) is the payment facilitator of the online shop. Visma Payments Oy is a payment facilitator authorized by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland. The payment process is conducted in the online service of Visma Pay. Visma Pay or Visma Payments Oy is shown as the receiver of your payment in the bank account listing and in your invoice. Visma Pay forwards payments to the online merchant. Paying with Visma Pay is safe. All information is exchanged through secured connections.

The trade happens between the online customer and the online shop. The online shop is responsible for all obligations related to the trade.

Read more about Visma Pay: https://www.visma.fi/vismapay/

14. Payment methods

With Visma Pay you can pay your order by an internet banking account, a wallet, a payment card (credit/debit), an invoice or a partial payment. The following methods of payment are supported: Osuuspankki, Nordea, Danske Bank, Oma Säästöpankki, Säästöpankki, Aktia, Paikallisosuuspankit, S-Pankki, Handelsbanken, Ålandsbanken, Jousto, Fellow Lasku, Fellow Yrityslasku, MobilePay, Masterpass, Pivo, Visa-, Visa Debit-, Visa Electron-, MasterCard- and Debit MasterCard payment cards.

MobilePay: You can pay with your MobilePay wallet if you have allowed online payments in the settings of the MobilePay application. Payments made with a MobilePay wallet will be charged to the payment card linked to the wallet. Payment via MobilePay takes place directly from the payment card linked to MobilePay. If charging the payment from the linked card fails, MobilePay can not be used in the online shop.

Pivo: Terms and conditions of Pivo can be found here: https://pivo.fi/kayttoehdot/pivon-kayttoehdot/

Jousto invoice and part-payment is a Finnish service for making purchases quickly and safely. The flexibility is intended for individuals who have managed their finances properly. Jousto is for private persons having their economy in balance. With Jousto you will get 30 days time to pay without interest or expenses. After you have received an invoice, you can decide to pay it at once or in parts. You can pay our purchase in up to 36 parts, starting from 9,90 eur/month. Expenses for Jousto part-payment are 3,90 eur/month and 19,90% interest. With Jousto you can pay purchases from 30 to 3000 eur. Aurajoki Nordic Oy issues the credit. Read more from www.jousto.com.

OP Invoice – A flexible way to pay for online purchases. For customers of all banks. With OP Invoice you can make purchases up to 5 000 euros and pay them off interest-free within 45 days. If you wish, you can split the invoice into several instalments. Your purchases are displayed in one place, so it’s easy to keep track of how your money is spent. With a credit limit, you can keep your consumption within the limits you want. You will receive your invoices conveniently by email. On our online service, you can see information about your OP Bill usage and the amount of purchases you have made. You can use OP Invoice if you are over 20 years of age and able to pay, and you have the domain names of a Finnish bank. For more information on the OP Invoice, please visit: https://www.op.fi/henkiloasiakkaat/paivittaiset/maksaminen/op-lasku

Visma Pay contact details

Visma Payments Oy (business ID 2486559-4)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 09 315 42 037 (weekdays 8-16)
Postal address: Brahenkatu 4, 53100 Lappeenranta

The terms and conditions are confirmed on 26.4.2022. These booking conditions apply to bookings made after 1 May 2022.

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